Sunshine "Two Hundred Grand" (video)

Sunshine 'Two Hundred Grand' (video)
Vancouver shoegazers Sunshine's video for "Showering with Wine" showcased a smoochy night on the town with Batman and Superman, but the group's latest clip for "Two Hundred Grand" features infinitely more kooky characters.

The first half of the video is set up as an homage to '80s buddy cop movies, with a surviving partner discussing his fallen friend. Apparently, this is the last scene of Dog Cop, as Sunshine's dreamweaving pop cut is then brought in to score the ending credits. Among the film's many characters, you'll find a frustrated writer, chain-smoking ob/gyn Dr. Reggie Tongues, some beer-pounding hoods, gas-siphoning bombshells, tub-bound apple-chompers, and more.

You can peep it all down below.