Sunshine "The Star Spangled Rammer" (video)

Sunshine 'The Star Spangled Rammer' (video)
Vancouver crew Sunshine have had a big week, having earlier released their extremely erotic yet NSFW (like, seriously, seriously NSFW) video for their self-titled debut's "Arnprior." It may not contain the same kinds of crotch shots, but the fuzz-leaning outfit have now teamed up with Exclaim! to deliver a boner-popping video for "The Star Spangled Rammer."

As you'll see down below, the clip stars a guy just chilling at home before being completely bowled over by an uncomfortable erection. As Sunshine's surprisingly dark garage rock jangle plays in the background, we see the afflicted homebody trying his best to cover up his shame, both pre- and post-explosion. That naughty biz will forever haunt him, though.

"Having a dark sense of humour, I've always enjoyed things that are equally funny and fucked up… so naturally, I went the uninvited erection/dumpster baby route," video director Bri Cirel said of the clip in a statement. "Drawing inspiration from the horror short Kitchen Sink, by director Alison Maclean, I followed her pattern of a narrative that quickly escalates in strangeness and intensity while also maintaining a humorous undertone."