Sunn O))) 3: Flight of the Behemoth

Returning for their third release, Sunn O))) stay perched high above all other noise/drone acts but they do it from below, way below. Adding more texture and menace to their "possessed by demons" buzzard-like guitars in a blob-like infestation that pulverises everything in their path, the duo of Steve O'Malley (Burning Witch) and Greg Anderson (Goatsnake) amazingly capture subsonic frequencies like no one ever has. It would be frightening to see if they ever jump on the 24-bit sound DVDs; in which case their gothic noise "music" could be used to replace dynamite when it comes to levelling buildings. Furthermore, if that ever happens they should have their own chapter in the Old Testament, a chapter devoted to exorcising demons and such, because that is what their hypnotic drone, drum-deprived mantra music does. Ironically, despite being "dark," they provide 22nd century relaxation nature music, but with no flowers, winds or birds, just bulldozers. (Southern Lord)