Sun Wizard Reveal Sophomore Album Plans

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Nov 25, 2011

Vancouver's Sun Wizard are just winding down their biggest year yet, having released their fun-lovin' first full-length Positively 4th Avenue in the spring and teaming up with Louise Burns for some tour dates. And now the pop rockers are already poised to tackle 2012 head-on with another album.

Speaking with Exclaim!, drummer Ben Frey explained that starting next week, the troupe will be hitting up a multitude of Vancouver-area recording studios to track an as-yet-untitled follow-up to Positively 4th Avenue. Hot Hot Heat singer/keyboardist Steve Bays is attached to produce the set, which Frey is touting as a more high-energy affair than the laid-back, back porch BBQ-approved rock anthems that filled their debut.

"We sound so much tighter than the last record," he said. "Everything's very fast paced, very bright and very clean. I'm very excited with what we've done so far."

Chances are good that anyone who caught the band this fall has heard a few of the new tunes, as numbers like "Bury Me Low" and "Winter Blues/Endless Summer" were brought out and tweaked on tour.

"Maybe four or five of them have already been road tested. We definitely got a chance to try them out and work out the kinks."

While Frey admits that current playlist favourites the Replacements influenced the allegedly punchier nature of the new tunes, he assures us that the free-wheelin' nature of the band remains intact.

"Sun Wizard gets this thing written about us that we're a summer band, sunshine and good times, and this new record will really reflect that," he says. "There's still summery vibes going on."

While a date has yet been set for Sun Wizard's sophomore collection, the album is expected to drop sometime in the spring via Light Organ Records.

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