Sun Wizard Announce Debut Full-Length

Sun Wizard Announce Debut Full-Length
Last November,we told you about the new Vancouver record label Light Organ, an indie-geared imprint headed by 604 Records magnate Jonathan Simkin. Of the many releases the label owner was excited to loose upon listeners, he seemed most pumped for the debut full-length from West Coast country rockers Sun Wizard.

"It sounds a little bit like Thin Lizzy, but it also sounds a little bit like Television," Simkin said at the time. "I absolutely adore that band." Well, he must be grinning ear to ear at the moment, having just announced the outfit's album, Positively 4th Avenue.

A press release explains that Positively 4th Avenue will be released via Light Organ on March 29. The ten-song set was recorded in their hometown's fabled Mushroom Studios with producers Dave Ogilvie (David Bowie, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails) and Colin Stewart (Cave Singers, Black Mountain, Ladyhawk).

Touting a classic rock sound -- referencing Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty, among others -- the album promises "catchy, melodic rock'n'roll with big guitar riffs and tight harmonies." As if it were crafted by a bunch of rock loving oracles, Positively 4th Avenue claims to also contain "that magic dust that gets pulled out from the ether every so often." Sounds pretty trippy. You can check out the tracklisting below.

Positively 4th Avenue:

1. "World's Got A Handle"

2. "Safe And Sound"

3. "Middle Of My Heart"

4. "Sour Note"

5. "Too Much On Your Mind"

6. "Sick Of Waiting"

7. "Little Less In Control"
8. "Golden Girl"

9. "Sugar Sister"

10. "Buildings"