Summon Fallen

Moribund Records, also known as the label with no taste, has finally found a band worth listening to. Instead of the bargain basement black metal usually released with their support, Summon actually put forward a great deal of artistic merit. Their curious brand of thrash bursts into heavy rock grooves on a whim and resumes blasting beats at high-speed until the next capricious break intercepts. The record flows through complex and technical riffs sounding really tight the entire time. Ultimately, they’re borrowing their entire foundation from thrash pioneers Kreator, failing to expand upon their confines. Honed and precise technical abilities are used to construct memorable songs. Grooved out breakdowns bridge the gaps between often-chaotic, complicated and high speed riffing. The vocals contribute an element of originality and assist in making the songs cogent, barking somewhere between a yell and a growl. Multiple layers give them an intensity that suits the crisp production of the record. While there is nothing particularly unique about Summon, they excel at technically engaging thrash. For Moribund, this is a noteworthy achievement. (Moribund)