Sufjan's Girl Shannon Stephens to Become <i>The Breadwinner</i>

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 3, 2009

It seems as though Sufjan Stevens would rather put out music from everyone he knows than record the burdensome follow-up to 2005's career-defining Illinoise. And while Shannon Stephens is of no familial relation to Sufjan, she was a key figure in his old band, Marzuki. On September 8, Asthmatic Kitty will release The Breadwinner, Shannon's first album in nine years.

The album was produced in Shannon's living room and, according to the press release, "was recorded on a laptop with rented mics and a silk undershirt on a hanger as a pop filter." Now a mother, she says, "This second album was a real effort - we have a child now and bills to pay - but I think those pressures may have actually made it better."

Still, if debut track "In Summer in the Heat" is any indication, the album is a warm, hushed folk record filled with melody and melodrama. In other words, when the record comes out, it will be a perfect soundtrack to your dreary autumn.

The Breadwinner:

1. "More To Speak Of"
2. "Hard Times Are Coming"
3. "The One Who Sees Me"
4. "In Summer in the Heat"
5. "Come To My Table"
6. "The Most Delicious Hours"
7. "Song of the Breadwinner"
8. "The Dream"
9. "Poor Man's Part"
10. "Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You"

Bonnie "Prince" Billy, who Shannon's "I'll Be Glad" on his album Lie Down in the Light:

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