Sufjan Stevens to Release Ballet Score 'The Decalogue'

Sufjan Stevens to Release Ballet Score 'The Decalogue'
In 2017, Sufjan Stevens and Justin Peck came together to score the choreographer's ballet The Decalogue. Now the score — performed by Timo Andres — will be released to the public on October 18 via Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Today, we have the score's trailer, as well as a clip excerpt from the score. You can check out both below.

The Decalogue premiered back in May 2017 in New York City. After the success of their collaboration, Peck and Stevens announced last year that they had teamed up again for another project called Principia, a ballet that premiered early this year.

The two had previously worked together on another ballet titled Everywhere We Go back in 2013, and Peck had used Stevens' 2001 LP Enjoy Your Rabbit for a ballet titled Year of the Rabbit in 2012.

Stevens has been busy in the studio recently, releasing several small projects, including this summer's Love Yourself/With My Whole Heart EP, his contributions to the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack back in 2017, and a short musical obsession with disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding.

His last solo full-length studio album remains 2015's Carrie & Lowell. So far, no announcement has been made about any follow-up efforts.