Subsistance Bleed, Sweat & Strive

Thanks to their similar nature — testosterone-fuelled vitriol and a generally overdriven, uncompromising attack — crusty punk and hardcore seem an obvious pairing. However, few bands ever attempt to bridge this genre gap and of those that do, fewer manage to obtain results as impressive as Subsistance. Packed with abrasively confrontational songs, Bleed, Sweat & Strive unites the steely-eyed confidence of hardcore with the ravenous, politically charged attack of crusty punk. The results are an album that shoots for the jugular during verses and steps back enough in the choruses to infuse some half-time hooks and chant-along barbs. Moreover, it confirms that being equally influenced by the likes of Crass, Decontrol and Sick Of It All can produce a unique yet commanding sound without being outright weird, dated or stale. (Arisen) (Arisen)