Subheim "Red Ridge" (video)

Subheim 'Red Ridge' (video)
Berlin-based electronic musician Subheim released his third full-length album Foray late last year, drawing from genres such as ambient, trip-hop and drone. Now, Exclaim! has your first look at an ominous video for the dark, brooding textures of album cut "Red Ridge."

Directed by Joseph B. Carlin, the video follows a shady character in a cityscape at nighttime, featuring footage of empty streets, dimly lit alleyways, all bathed in red light as soon as the sun sets. Subheim's track inspired Carlin to give the video the feel of an '80s crime film.

In a statement, Carlin had this to say of the video:

There's something eerie about 'Red Ridge' that grabs you immediately. It has a very ethereal quality but also a very pressing, urgent feeling underneath that. It burned this image into my head, a crumbling city beneath a bloody red sky — a misery wrought world caught in a perpetual twilight, and that drove the entire story.

It was awesome since both Subheim and I were on the exact same page when it came to the main character. The aspect ratio was kept at the 4:3 VHS ratio in order to purposely destroy any shiny cinematic qualities that something like an anamorphic aspect ratio would give the video.

Foray is out now through Denovali Records. Watch the video for "Red Ridge" in the player below.