Sub Pop Gets Its Very Own Plane

Sub Pop Gets Its Very Own Plane
Venerable indie rock imprint Sub Pop continues its surprising love affair with air travel. After opening a record store in the Seattle airport in 2014, the label has taken things one step further with its very own plane.

The plane was designed in partnership with Alaska Airlines to celebrate the label's 30th anniversary. It has officially been dubbed the "We Cannot Believe This Is Happening, Either" Sub Pop Airplane.

The Boeing 737-800 has been wrapped in art from the label's history and will begin its West Coast routes today.

In a press release, Sub Pop founder and co-president Jonathan Poneman said, "The jet's wrapping makes it look like a Sub Pop musician's instrument case, only in much better condition. It's definitely the sickest jet on the tarmac!"

Peep the Sub Pop plane above.