Stretch Armstrong Stretch Armstrong

There is something so charming about the latest release from South Carolina’s Stretch Armstrong. A decent mix of pop punk and hardcore, thrown in with SA’s signature sense of humour make for one of the more entertaining heavy releases of this year. Sing/scream-y numbers like "Rising Again” and "Miles Apart” sound like the lovechild of Millencolin and Avail, while "Defect” highlights SA’s penchant for combining pop and hardcore. Lead vocalist Chris McLane sometimes hits dreadful high pitched screams that can be irritating to listen to, but this sound is often made up for by being chalk full of guest appearances, including one by Geoff Rickly from Thursday. What’s best about this record is the light-heartedness; the final track is a painfully out of place but hilarious ’70s soul cover. Stretch Armstrong may have a love it or hate it musical style, but its impossible not to appreciate their attempts at trying to make music a little more fun to listen to. (Solid State)