Stewart Legere Premieres New Tracks with Rose Cousins and Jenn Grant

Stewart Legere Premieres New Tracks with Rose Cousins and Jenn Grant
Haligonian singer-songwriter Stewart Legere is gearing up to release his debut album Quiet the Station later this month, and Exclaim! is giving you the first listen to a couple of tracks from the forthcoming full-length.
For each of the two new tunes, Legere has enlisted help from familiar Canadian voices. First up is "Dig into the Dirt," a lush folk ballad that features fellow East Coast troubadour Rose Cousins.
"I deeply admire Stewart Legere's creative offerings, how he opens and gives, as a human and an artist," Cousins tells Exclaim! "I'm honoured to be a part of Quiet the Station, a generous gift from his wealth of talent. It's beautiful. Those who already love Stewart will be so grateful to take his voice home and I'm delighted for all who are about to discover him. A renaissance."
Legere has also unveiled a song titled "If You Have the Time," giving off a slightly jazzier vibe that combines piano, brushed drums and the vocal marriage of Legere and other esteemed Maritime musician, Jenn Grant.
She also had nothing but praise to heap on her collaborator, telling Exclaim!:

Stewart Legere is a secret we have been keeping. He is one of my favourite voices and artists to hear live. He is a poet; a true songwriter. He creates sacred moments that welcome both surprises and real comfort. His voice is a winding golden river and I'll just say it: a reason for living! I am honoured I got to sing a few lines on this album too, and swim around a bit with him in this lovely time capsule of his heart.
Intrigued listeners will be able to hear the record in its entirety when Quiet the Station arrives on April 21. Right now, though, get an early preview of things to come by streaming "Dig into the Dirt" and "If You Have the Time" below.