Stevie B Wolf "Getting Through"

Stevie B Wolf 'Getting Through'
Boulder, CO-based singer-songwriter Stevie B Wolf is set to unveil his latest single "Getting Through," and Exclaim! has got your exclusive first listen to the new track.
Inspired by Wolf's struggle with mental illness, the song was both a cathartic writing experience for the musician, as well as a means of reaching out and connecting with listeners. In addition to the universal theme of lost love and heartbreak, Wolf also drew on his experiences with Tourette's Syndrome, ADD and depression while penning the track, and learned to use his diagnoses as a musical advantage.
"Tourette's can manifest in many ways, like physical twitching or saying the same word over and over," he said in a statement. "A lot of my tics were tunes or phrases that popped into my head that I repeated compulsively. Maybe that has helped me develop a unique vocal and lyrical style."
You can hear that style shine through on the melody-driven, pop-tinged new single in the player below. The track will appear on Wolf's upcoming EP Alone + Alive, which is due out on November 6.