Steve Aoki Announces 'Neon Future' Double Album Featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Fall Out Boy, Empire of the Sun

Steve Aoki Announces 'Neon Future' Double Album Featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Fall Out Boy, Empire of the Sun
When we reviewed Steve Aoki's 2012 effort Wonderland, we asked, "What's a Steve Aoki album without the collaborations?" Now, the famed EDM party starter has confirmed the details of his guest-heavy upcoming double album. Neon Future I will be out on August 12 via Dim Mak/Ultra Music, with Neon Future II to follow in early 2015.

Guests featured on the first part of Neon Future include Waka Flocka Flame, Fall Out Boy, Empire of the Sun,, Flux Pavilion, Bonnie McKee and Machine Gun Kelly. The album is apparently about an imagined future characterized by technological advancements.

"When I think of the dance world, I think of how it's a colourful world. That, along with my fascination with futurism defined the concept of my new album, Neon Future," Aoki said in a statement. "I see the future in a more of a utopian sense, built through technology, music and colour. These concepts became the driving force for the creation of my first double album."

Lead single "Rage the Night Away" features guest rapping from Waka Flocka Flame, and you can listen to the track at the bottom of the page. It's a thumping, hedonistic electronic dance cut that will doubtless inspire lots of partiers to do obey the titular demand.

Also below, see Aoki's tour schedule. It includes dates all over the world, including spring appearances in Ottawa and Montreal.

Tour dates:

04/25 Ottawa, ON - EY Centre
04/26 Towson, MD - SECU Arena
04/30 Istanbul, Turkey - Maslak Arena
05/04 Malay, Philippines - Epic Beach Club
05/05 Kobe, Japan - Music Circus
05/05 Tokyo, Japan - ageHa
05/10 Las Vegas, NV - Hakkasan
05/16 Montreal, QC - New City Gas
05/17 Las Vegas, NV - Wet Republic
05/17 Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome
05/23 Las Vegas, NV - Wet Republic
05/24 Bethel, NY - Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
05/28 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
05/30 Lisbon, Portugal - Rock in Rio
05/31 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Aokify Amsterdam
05/31 Frankfurt, Germany - World Music Dome
06/01 Riccione, Italy - Aquafan
06/04 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
06/07 Montreux, Switzerland - Sundance Festival
06/11 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
06/15 Chicago, IL - Spring Awakening
06/17 Antalya, Turkey - Austrian Student Show
06/18 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
06/20 Las Vegas, NV - Wet Republic
06/29 Las Vegas, NV - Wet Republic
07/02 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
07/03 Sopron, Hungary - Volt Festival
07/05 Vienna, Austria - UAF Festival
07/05 Zurich, Switzerland - Cubik Festival
07/09 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
07/12 London, UK - EDC London
07/13 Split, Croatia - Ultra Croatia
07/16 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
07/17 Madrid, Spain - Jarama Moto Sound Festival
07/18 Boom, Belgium - Tomorrowland
07/19 Hamburg, Germany - Airbeat One Festival
07/20 Boom, Belgium - Tomorrowland
07/23 Ibiza, Spain - Pacha
07/25 Boom, Belgium - Tomorrowland
07/26 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Tik Tak Festival
07/27 Boom, Belgium - Tomorrowland