Steve Albini Twittering from Vegas: "Jesus are people hideous"

Steve Albini Twittering from Vegas: 'Jesus are people hideous'
Fellow Twitterers, take note: legendary Chicago indie rock producer and Big Black/Shellac member Steve Albini has just landed in Las Vegas for what is sure to be a glorious - not to mention hilarious - vacation.

This also means he - or someone simply posing as Albini - will be using his Twitter account for the first time since last year. In August of 2008, a Twittering Albini went on a Vegas bender and Tweeted the whole thing. According to his updates, he made over two grand, and kept his followers updated on his every move, including meals.

Earlier today, Albini announced his return to Sin City by Tweeting, "On the ground in Las Vegas. Jesus are people hideous."

And while his misadventures have just begun, here are some choice quotes from last year's excursion:

"Douchebag at the next table has about 14 crab legs and a tureen of butter on his plate"

"So am I supposed to navigate this hellish gauntlet of whores and douchebags without a goddamn coffee in me? Fuck. See you soon."

"Dusted off $520 in a fantastic game at caesar's, then the game broke. Now waiting at the bellagio."

"Leaving the bellagio after a +$1000 session of the pokers i passed a drunken douchebag wearing a flogging molly t-shirt."

We can only assume that some amazing Tweets are sure to follow, even if this isn't the real Albini. Seriously, it's only a matter of time before he runs into a swarm of douchebags.