Stella Ella Ola "Too Pretty" (video)

Stella Ella Ola 'Too Pretty' (video)
Holleredo spinoff Stella Ella Ola made their debut this year with I Think We Should Hang Out All the Time, and the pop-rock band are carrying their summery vibes into the winter with a video for "Too Pretty."

The clip for this jangling, ultra-positive ditty shows silhouettes of some of the band's friends dancing in their skivvies. They appear against a plain white background, with their bodies overlaid with colourful animated scribbles, and even a pooch works its way into the mix.

It was directed by the band's own Anne Douris. A description on YouTube reads, "We had a bunch of our best buds come over and dance in their underwear behind a curtain for us. Yes, we're creeps. But look how pretty they all are!"

Watch it below.