Stay Indoors with Cairo Time, The Final Destination and Big Fan in This Week's DVD Review Round-Up

Stay Indoors with <i>Cairo Time</i>, <i>The Final Destination</i> and <i>Big Fan</i> in This Week's DVD Review Round-Up
As the temperature drops and the sidewalks get icy, what better time is there to avoid the cold weather and cozy up indoors with this week's Recently Reviewed DVD releases? So Exclaim! has scoured the movie racks to make your weekend selection a little easier.

If you haven't seen Cairo Time yet, get to your local video store early, because copies won't stay around for long. This one follows the story of an American woman's (Patricia Clarkson) escapades in Egypt and the unlikely friendship she forms there while her husband is at work with the UN.

If horror is your thing, you're in for a good weekend. The Final Destination, a 3-D thriller about a group of twenty-somethings chased by death itself, came out this week, as did Rob Zombie's Halloween II, which adds even more gore to John Carpenter's '80s horror franchise.

For those a little less into the murder genre, Big Love: The Complete Third Season (which comes Exclaim! recommended) reveals what the all-American family is really like. Also Exclaim! recommended is Big Fan, the triumphant dramedy about the archetypal super sports fan. Directed by former Onion editor Robert Siegel, this one promises some good old-fashioned satire, and in The Other Man, Liam Neeson chases Antonio Banderas around Europe to get some revenge.

Last on the list is Adrift in Tokyo, which, as the title may suggest, is the tale of two people's long, reflective walk through Tokyo.

Find all of these and many more in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section.