Static Thought The Motive For Movement

Static Thought’s Hellcat debut suffered from a lack of direction. Striving to cover all of punk rock bases, each song was based in some other sub-genre and the band appeared as if they were afraid of being pigeonholed. With sophomore effort The Motive For Movement however, things become somewhat clearer — they aren’t struggling to avoid classification so much as they’re inspired by every aspect of the genre, incorporating a vast array of influences into their capabilities. While that hasn’t quite refined itself into something unique just yet, there is something slightly more unifying about The Motive For Movement. Having a bit more time and experience under their belts, Static Thought inject subtle idiosyncrasies into these 12 tracks, lending more of a melting pot sensibility to the overall experience, as opposed to a confused jambalaya. Stable but not quite strong enough, The Motive For Movement displays Static Thought’s potential. Based in street punk but influenced by elements of hardcore, crust, SoCal and even ska, The Motive For Movement is an enjoyable indication of a band on the right track to innovation. (Hellcat/Epitaph)