Spotify Reportedly Planning Canadian Launch

Spotify Reportedly Planning Canadian Launch
Spotify has already made a big splash in the U.S. and around the world, but the Anglo-Swedish streaming music service in not yet available in Canada. That will likely soon change, however, since the company is reportedly planning to launch in our country.

The news comes from the Wall Street Journal, which cites a Spotify management report from April of this year. According to the report, the company is planning to expand into Canada in order to help solidify its status as the world's largest music streaming service. It may also soon launch in various countries in Asia and South America, the report states.

What's more, Spotify established a subsidiary in Canada last year. While the company hasn't publicly confirmed plans for its Canuck launch, company spokeswoman Sofie Grant said that Spotify "of course plans to launch in new countries."

Go to the Spotify website and you can even sign up for an email list "to be first in line when Spotify launches in your country."

Spotify is a legal subscription service that offers streaming music for its users. The catalogs of numerous labels, both major and independent, are available to listen to. While the company's expansion has been rapid, the Wall Street Journal points out that it is still operating at a net loss.