Spotify Officially Adds Videos and Podcasts

Spotify Officially Adds Videos and Podcasts
Rumours had already suggested that Spotify would be adding video streaming to its music service, and some had speculated that the Swedish company would announce the news at its event today (May 20) in New York. Sure enough, Spotify has confirmed that it will be offering video content.

Not only will there be video, there will also be podcasts and news, making Spotify a multimedia service rather than strictly a music platform. The company will be working with video partners Comedy Central and Vice. Other media partners include NBC, ABC, Slate, E!, TeamCoco, MTV, Adult Swim, BBC, TED and lots more.

There are also new features to bring users customized playlists; for joggers, Spotify is reportedly working on a feature that changes a piece of music based on the speed you're running.

The new features are starting to be rolled out today. Unfortunately, it seems like video won't initially be available in Canada, since the announcement specifically notes that it's rolling out in the U.S., Sweden, the UK and Germany. From what we can tell, the video content will be available to free users, in addition to paid subscribers.

Perhaps the new features will allow Spotify to finally make more money from advertisers. Despite bringing in a massive amount of money, the company is still notorious for losing millions each year.