Spotify Allows Artists to Upload Music Directly to Service

Artists can now bypass distributors with the new feature
Spotify Allows Artists to Upload Music Directly to Service
Spotify has announced it is beta-testing a new feature that would allow artists to upload their music directly to the service, allowing them to bypass distributors.

Previously, artists were required to use traditional digital distributors or third party companies (such as DistroKid, TuneCore) to get their music onto Spotify. The company's new feature will allow artists to preview how their work will appear on the service, select release dates and edit metadata.

A small group of artists have tested the new feature, including Noname, who reportedly used to to release her Room 25 album last week.

Uploading will be free to all artists, regardless of the volume of music they release. Billboard reports that artists who upload their own music will received 50 percent of Spotify's net revenue, and will keep 100 percent of royalties on that music.

At present, the feature is invite-only to "a few hundred US-based independent artists." You can read more about the feature here.