​Speedy Ortiz Announce 'Foiled Again' EP, Share New Track

​Speedy Ortiz Announce 'Foiled Again' EP, Share New Track
Massachusetts indie rockers Speedy Ortiz dropped their latest full-length Foil Deer last year and are currently back on the road supporting it. But that haven't stopped the group from laying down a bit of new material. They've just announced a new EP titled Foiled Again, which will arrive on June 3 through Carpark Records.
In addition to a pair of remixes of Foil Deer track "Puffer" by Lazerbeak and Open Mike Eagle, there are also a couple new cuts. One is titled "Emma O," while the other has been dubbed "Death Note" and is available to hear right now.
In a press release, frontwoman Sadie Dupuis explained the meaning behind the latest song, saying:
"Death Note" is named after the anime, which is about an evil supernatural notebook that causes the death of anyone whose name is written inside of it. The song is about writing through your depression as a way to get better, and how in that way a death note can be kind of love letter to yourself.
Check out the group's upcoming tour dates here. Below, find the new EP's tracklisting, and give "Death Note" a listen.
Foiled Again:
1. Death Note
2. Puffer (feat. Lizzo) (Lazerbeak rspeedyemix)
3. Emma O
4. Puffer (Open Mike Eagle remix)