Speed Theory Hit The Dirt

Hit the Dirt is the first full-length release from this young British band. After calling attention to themselves by winning Metal Hammer’s inaugural Demo of the Year competition, Speed Theory look to step up into the spotlight of mainstream metal. Considering this album contains some very blatant Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage moments, success may greet this band down the road. However, if the over-saturation of these types of bands that exist within today’s metal scene is not your forte, then you’d do best avoid this. Not only does the Pantera worship wear thin after a few tracks but the overall production value is not nearly up to snuff. The attempt to input clean vocals into the mix also falls flat, as their delivery sounds somewhat laughable. Maybe these young Brits will evolve into something a little less cookie-cutter but for now, the only reason to check out this band is the massive afro that adorns the melon of the lead singer. (Casket)