The Special Goodness Land Air Sea

What happens when two drummers get together to make music? Well, not what you might think. This side project of Weezer drummer Pat Wilson and his drum tech Atom Willard (former skin basher for Rocket From the Crypt) falls somewhere between Weezer and the Weakerthans, and this disc is a wickedly infectious pop-rock record that recalls the Foo Fighters debut. Remember how stunned and excited we were when we came to the realisation that Dave Grohl is so much more than a great drummer? Same thing here. Wilson's songwriting, guitar playing and singing abilities are incredibly impressive. Repeated spins of the track "N.F.A.,” which stands for Not Fucking Around, should go a long way to proving that Wilson is so much more than a backup player in Rivers Cuomo's ego trip or the guy who gets kidnapped by Miss Piggy. Not to be outshined is Willard, an amazing drummer who has not lost an ounce of his mad skills since leaving RFTC. (NOS)