Speaker "Plaster" (video)

Speaker 'Plaster' (video)
Speaker are pissed. They ain't just using their pulpit to speak; they're using it to shout (not just sonically, but also with the force of the message). The message? The media constantly feeds us garbage, and the fact that a media outlet is premiering their video for "Plaster" is not lost on us.

Still, we think the issues at hand — highlighted here by spliced in news footage of the depressing sort — are far removed from the latest tour announcements we're posting here. And the worst part about society's consumption? It's swallowing without thought, illustrated in the clip by a man with a blank stare shovelling junk food down his gullet.

In contrast is the band's chaotic metalcore, which comes hurtling out like projectile vomit. Starting with more space between the crushing chugs for feedback to soak in, the tension rises as the speed does before breaking into a something more on the "core" side of the equation.

Unrelenting, with a jarring performance and cuts to match, the song hammers home the idea that "fear builds false hate," a repeating lyric in the midpoint dirge.

"Plaster" comes from the forthcoming Murder and Create EP, for which more details are forthcoming. Get your first taste of the release in the player below.