Spank Rock & Benny Blanco "Shake That"

Spank Rock & Benny Blanco 'Shake That'
Um… classy. The artwork may leave something, okay, everything to be desired, but a little context helps the blatant sexism go down a little smoother. This is MC Spank Rock’s tribute to 2 Live Crew. (That alone ought to do it for most people.) With the help of Miami Bass producer Benny Blanco, this tribute to Miami’s nastiest booty rap Crew finds Naeem Juwan being as nasty as he wants to be – which it turns out, is pretty much the same amount of nast as anything off last year’s YoYoYoYoYo (his mum must be so proud). The first release of Spank Rock’s new sub-major label deal with Downtown Records, the Bangers & Cash EP is released in full on October 9, however, Spank Rock’s MySpace page will unveil a new track (four out of the EP's five – yes, you have to pay to get "Pu$$y," go figure) free to download each week beginning Thursday, September 6 – which is today. "Shake That” is all about tha booty, as surprising as that is. Spank Rock discharges NC-17 rhymes that make the chubby dude in Superbad look urbane, while Benny drops some 2 Live Crew samples and a hefty stash of the proper floor-rumbling bass-busters that set the mood to dirrty.

Spank Rock "Shake That”