Sourvein Ghetto Angel

Their second EP in a trilogy begun with 2005’s Emerald Vulture, New Orleans doom riders Sourvein offer another four-song appetiser to sludge-starved fans. Produced by Beaten Back to Pure drummer Vince Burke, with bass guitar played by Weedeater bassist Dixie Collins, Ghetto Angel is more down-tuned and plodding than its predecessor. Most likely not referring to Dick Grayson’s post-Robin alter ego, "Nightwing” is unrelenting in its war march of guitar chords and drums. "Septic Werewolves” continues the negative vibe, with guitarist/vocalist T-Roy Medlin unwavering in his Burning Witch-styled screams. Containing garbled film samples, "Doldrums…” boasts amps bleeding, Eyehategod-like feedback, while the cryptically titled "D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.” is a faster, swinging cut that’s more akin to Hail!Hornet, a grime metal side-project featuring Medlin, Collins, Burke and Alabama Thunderpussy’s Erik Larson. Speed may be the secret of the next chapter for Sourvein but until then, Ghetto Angel satisfies with the Bayou’s sloe gin fuzz. (This Dark Reign)