Soundgarden "Spoonman"/"My Wave" (live on 'Fallon')

Soundgarden 'Spoonman'/'My Wave' (live on 'Fallon')
Grunge greats Soundgarden are bringing back the '90s with their new Superunknown anniversary edition, and brought a pair of its finest tracks to a nostaliga-loving crowd at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (June 3).

First up was a raging run-through of "Spoonman," which found Chris Cornell's bluesy screech in fine form and featured Kim Thayil straight up destroying his SG's fretboard with a scorching solo. Artis the Spoonman may not have been there to wham out a cutlery-minded contribution, but a smiling percussionist filled the gap with some stick-and-skin work.

Off-kilter, 5/4 rocker "My Wave" was next, and the band also summed up the genesis of the song for the track in a backstage-set video. You'll find all three clips down below.