Souls of Mischief's '93 'til Infinity' Receives Deluxe Reissue for 20th Anniversary

Souls of Mischief's '93 'til Infinity' Receives Deluxe Reissue for 20th Anniversary
After a lengthy period of relative silence, West Coast hip-hop vets Souls of Mischief have staged something a comeback in recent years, releasing Montezuma's Revenge in late 2009 and working on a new album with Adrian Younge. Now, they've announced plans to look back with an expanded 20th anniversary reissue of their album 93 'til Infinity.

Get On Down Records will reissue the album later this year, with the exact date still to be confirmed. It will be available in deluxe two-CD and two-LPs versions. The former will include the full album, plus 11 bonus tracks that include remixes and instruments, along with a 36-page hardcover book with interviews and images.

The tracklist for the CD version is below. It's unclear how many (if any) of the bonus cuts will fit on the vinyl edition, since the standard album is already close to an hour long.

"93 'til Infinity represents everything that was great about hip-hop during that time period," Get On Down's Papa D told Hip-Hop DX. "It is fun and still conscious, lyrically complex, but can make anyone's head nod. It is a perfect blend of West Coast brag-and-boast and East Coast boom-bap. The album was a huge influence on so many people and remains a must have for any true rap fan. We are honoured to have worked with Souls of Mischief on this release, and we hope their fans, and ours, enjoy it."

93 'til Infinity:

CD 1:

1. Let 'Em Know

2. Live and Let Live

3. That's When Ya Lost

4. A Name I Call Myself

5. Disseshowedo

6. What a Way to Go Out

7. Never No More

8. 93 'Til Infinity

9. Limitations

10. Anything Can Happen

11. Make Your Mind Up

12. Batting Practice

13. Tell Me Who Profits

14. Outro

CD 2:

1. 93 'Til Infinity (12" Remix Version)

2. That's When Ya Lost (I Ain't Trippin' Remix)

3. Make Your Mind Up (Rock on Mix)

4. Never No More (76 Seville Mix)

5. Good Feeling (12" Version)

6. 93 'Til Infinity (LP Instrumental)
7. 93 'Til Infinity (Remix Instrumental)

8. That's When Ya Lost (LP Instrumental)

9. Never No More (LP Instrumental)

10. Never No More (76 Seville Mix Instrumental)

11. 93 'Til Infinity (A cappella Version)