SOS aka Sauce "New Day" (video)

SOS aka Sauce 'New Day' (video)
Simpsons fans take note: Vancouver rapper SOS aka Sauce has transformed himself into Homer and the streets of the 604 into Springfield in the cartoon-saluting video for his "New Day" single.

The MC's baritone spitting style doesn't quite match up with the Walter Matthau-leaning flow of our favourite Homie, but Sauce has got the canary skin tone and wardrobe down pat. Throughout the Stephen Gillis-directed video, we see Sauce rifling off bars at a makeshift Moe's alongside boozehound Barney Gumble, getting called out by a churlish Nelson Muntz-type, and spending time with his number one krumper, Marge.

You'll catch a number of other Simpsons-styled moments, including Milhouse getting a rather painful-looking atomic wedgie, in the player down below. SOS's The Sauce EP is also up for grabs on Bandcamp.