Sonor Music Editions Unveils New Releases by Alberto Baldan Bembo, New Tape and Claudio Tallino

Sonor Music Editions Unveils New Releases by Alberto Baldan Bembo, New Tape and Claudio Tallino
Following some stellar 2018 offerings by Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani and Enzo Scoppa & Cicci Santucci, reissue hub Sonor Music Editions has announced it will be closing out the year with another trio of releases. This time, though, the label will be shining a light on Italy's lost treasure trove of music by unearthing albums from Alberto Baldan Bembo, Claudio Tallino and esteemed library imprint New Tape.

Leading Sonor's latest batch is the easy-listening funk/exotica masterpiece that is Alberto Baldan Bembo's Lingua D'Argento. This soundtrack to director Mauro Ivaldi's Ecco lingua d'argento was originally released back in 1976 and has since gone on to be seen as a cult classic among DJs and cratediggers alike.

As Sonor explains, "The album includes many spellbinding and powerful grooves filled with great basslines, dope wah wah and killer funky sounds; a countless amount of drum beats with dancing Fender Rhodes, disco-funk arrangements with driving tropical percussions, dreamy cinematic strings and sexy female chorus harmonize."

While the album appeared as part of the 1998 Bembo comp The Smart Set on the Easy Tempo label, this will mark the first proper reissue of Lingua D'Argento, which will arrive in a 180-gram pressing with gatefold packaging, original movie poster reprints, new liner notes and remastered sound.

Up next, Sonor has lined up a long overdue reissue of Claudio Tallino's Calamo, which originally arrived in 1975. Serving as the soundtrack to an erotic thriller directed by Massimo Pirri, the album promises a mix of "top-notch giallo and sleazy thrilling music with dark, fuzzy, funky and definitively trippy sounds," with Sonor comparing the soundtrack to similar giallo works by Italian greats like Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai.

For the Calamo reissue, the music has once again been remastered from the original master tapes. Also packaged with the 180-gram vinyl will be a bonus CD including additional outtakes from the original recording sessions.

Finally, Sonor will once again be highlighting the cult Italian library imprint New Tape, which will be treated to a greatest-hits release of sorts. The New Tape comp was compiled by Andrea Galtieri (a.k.a. Cavalier Piscopo), who "sequenced the very best shots from the whole label production including exclusive liner notes, with an explosive mix of jazz-rock, bossa, spellbinding groove and raw experimental stuff."

This includes New Tape works by Italian library legend Lesiman (here working as Paolo Renosto), Ruscigan, Enzo Scoppa, Cicci Santucci and Romolo Grano, among others. All the music has again been remastered from the original tapes and will now arrive on 180-gram vinyl.

The trio of newly announced Sonor releases are set to arrive on vinyl come November 19, and pre-orders are now live over here. Each release is limited to 500 copies.

Right now, though, you can stream all three of the albums down below.