Sonny Smith Teams Up with Polyvinyl for Third Volume of '100 Records'

Sonny Smith Teams Up with Polyvinyl for Third Volume of '100 Records'
In 2010, San Francisco songwriter Sonny Smith (of Sonny and the Sunsets) embarked on the absurdly ambitious 100 Records project, in which he created 100 fictional bands and wrote a single for each (all featuring an A-side and a B-side). If you still haven't heard Smith's imaginary bands, you can soon catch up thanks to some new releases on Polyvinyl Records.

On January 29, the label will drop 100 Records: Vol. 3, containing 15 of the songs from the project. This is the third and final instalment in release plan for 100 Records, and it will be available in vinyl, cassette and digital forms.

Also on January 29, Polyvinyl will release cassette versions of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 — collections that have been previously released, but only in very limited runs.

The full 100 Records project has been exhibited in art galleries as a jukebox complete with artwork for each single. For a taste of the material on Vol. 3, check out the sprightly garage pop number "If You Don't Make a Change" by the fictional Don Adora'e. Scroll past that to watch a video interview about the project and see what it looks like in gallery form.

Pre-order the three volumes of 100 Records right here.

100 Records: Vol. 3:

1. Danny Dusk & the Twilights - "Life Ain't Clear"
2. Bobby Hawkins - "Minimum Wage"
3. The Wayward Youth - Half Boy Half Girl"
4. Zig Speck & The Specktones - "Fruitcakes"
5. Merriweather Bradley - "Medication"
6. Little Antoine & the Sparrows - "A Steady Stream of Love"
7. Earth Girl Helen Brown - "Space Travel's in My Blood"
8. S.E. Land Otter Champs - "Wolf Like Howls from the Bathhouse"
9. Jackie Feathers - "Year of the Cock"
10. Hank Champion - "From Dud to Stud, from Zero to Hero"
11. Bobby Hawkins - "Difficulties, Mistakes and Errors"
12. Don Adora'e - "If You Don't Make a Change"
13. Fuckaroos - "Cosmorama"
14. Hazel Shep - "Some Women Artists All Around Town"
15. Hazel Shep - "Canyon Manor Rehab