Sonic Sister Boombox

I have been wondering about Sonic for a while now. Each time I indulge in my favourite escape into the lovely land of Hollywood, Sonic seems to be there, big as life in ads on the screen. Turns out that Sonic has become the house band for the new phenom of movie theatre bars and they have taken ad space instead of a paycheque, and the machine is working to promote the five-song EP Sister Boombox. This disc is reminiscent of Canadiana hard rock, circa 1980. Coney Hatch alumni Andy Curran co-penned three of the five tracks and added his touch in the form of tambourines and shakers. Vocalist Nina’s intonations mimic Heart’s Nancy Wilson and Headpins’ Darby Mills, but without the raspiness. The rest of the band ¾ Tony Cutrone on guitars, Mark Gabriel on bass and Ryan Cone on drums ¾ are hardly worth mentioning, despite their competence. The third track, "Grounded,” mirrors the elements that shot Sixpence None the Richer into momentary stardom, but without a one-hour teen drama on a screen in front of you, the disc just lacks punch.