Solace 13

Another solid release from a label to watch out for in 2003, MeteorCity. If you're into stoner rock, post-Sabbath doom metal or fuzzed-out '70s rock, that is. And man, do Solace deliver the goods here on 13, their second full-length. The history doesn't stop there though: two of these hooligans used to play in Godspeed (only really known for an appearance on the first Nativity In Black compilation). Solace play a great mix of all of the above MeteorCity styles: from good time fuzz rock, to more depressive doom metal (was that the riff from "Wicked World" I heard in there?), with a whole lot of doobie-smoking goodness in there as well. And you pretty much have to be high to make it through this opus, as 65 minutes of this kind of stuff is pretty hard to swallow sober, as good as it is. Chalk another one up for rock'n'roll, defiant in the face of trends, common sense and financial smarts. (Meteorcity)