The Soiree Minor Details

I love a band that know how to set the tone. Sure, that low and slow opening lets one savour and anticipate but sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into a song. For this Ottawa foursome, they hook you right away with "Coast to Coast.” There’s no warning, just a stomping beat and crystal clear vocals. The band are demanding you pay attention and, well, who am I to say no? Where their last album, Birds, was more about atmosphere, this one is much sharper with its melody and clearer in its intent. "East/West” moves its pop along at a brisk pace, while "Hide the Evidence” has an apt title for the breathless energy it exudes. Yet the Soiree also have a couple of songs that breathe a bit, as heard in "The Work That We Do.” There is a remarkable clarity to the unencumbered melody here and a great forcefulness of purpose. These minor details make a big impression. (Independent)