The Soft Moon "Want" (video) (NSFW)

The Soft Moon 'Want' (video) (NSFW)
As if the Soft Moon's music wasn't already fraught with tension, the Oakland band have now set up their dark and brooding Zeros track "Want" with an uncomfortably violent clip.

While the act's decadent arrangement of post-industrial drum-and-bass pulses ominously in the background, we see a sketched-out character flee from a holiday home invasion to drink and do drugs with some buds at an apartment party. While there, we see shots of his increasingly intoxicated blood stream mix with footage of him getting his freak on in a bathroom with a fellow coke-sniffer. The scene caps with some knife-brandishing action, and we'll just say it doesn't bode well for his hosts.

You can see the creepy carnival of terrors in the player down below.