Snowglobe Little More Lived In

During the past decade, Snowglobe have broken up several times and had the core members move far away from before things came full circle, reuniting in Memphis. And in theory, that should make for a more cohesive band and music, but it doesn't. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Five albums in, it's hard to work out what has changed and what hasn't because fractured bands tend to make fractured music. And Little More Lived In is definitely that, even though no more so than its predecessors, and just like before, that's what makes Snowglobe both frustrating and rewarding. This time around, the rewarding side wins out. Little More Lived In sounds like a bunch of songs that just happen to be on the same CD, rather than a cohesive album, which could almost be the band's signature at this point. Quiet, contemplative songs are followed by country rock workouts and psychedelic interludes, and although their music is never without charm, some consistency would be nice. There's a touch more Americana, most likely due to their current Southern roots, and those are the songs that deliver, such as the ragged "Teenage Queen" and stirring "Love." But Snowglobe are still frustrating and exciting, and it doesn't look like they're going to change in the future. (Makeshift)