Snoop Dogg "California Roll" (ft. Pharrell and Stevie Wonder) (video)

Snoop Dogg 'California Roll' (ft. Pharrell and Stevie Wonder) (video)
"California Roll" is one of the strongest tracks on Snoop Dogg's recent Bush LP, and now the Pharrell and Stevie Wonder team-up has been treated to its own video.

It could've just been six minutes of these three dudes chomping on some sushi, but instead "California Roll" is treated to a relatively high-concept video. Opening in 1946, it follows a series of old-timey people as they strap into a virtual reality machine and enjoy a glimpse of the future.

Retrofuturistic in the most literal sense, the audience watches as Snoop and his friends smoke blunts and fly around in space cars as the laid-back anthem plays out.

Watch the video for "California Roll" below.