Snitches Star Witness

It's hard to figure out what Universal is thinking with this release. With every big label jumping on the rock revival bandwagon, it's not surprising to hear about another quasi-garage band making the leap from indie nobody to major label sweetheart. And as hard as it is to let the majors take rock music away from the source, there's probably some good to come of it. Maybe they'll finally reconsider the route they've been heading in and give the guitars back to their star players. In the case of the Snitches, though, it'd be nice if someone took their instruments away. The generic rock riffs prove to be the least of their problems, as the childish, unintelligible lyrics and forced attitude make the Snitches out to be a nu garage parody band. It's one thing to continue an already tired trend, it's another thing completely to imitate it to the point of seeming satirical. If this isn't a joke, someone at Universal must have been related to a band member. It's the only way to explain it. (Universal)