Smashing Pumpkins Release New EP

Smashing Pumpkins Release New EP
On January 2, with little fanfare, the Smashing Pumpkins dropped a brand spanking new EP entitled American Gothic. A brief announcement from on December 19 revealed the resurrected alt-rock band’s intention to release material written between their recent tours.

"We have always regretted not recording more in between tours because [our] albums have never caught the full story of the group… it’s sort of Zeitgeist+,” says Corgan.

Four new acoustic songs were recorded over the holiday break at Pass Studio in Los Angeles, CA, produced by head Pumpkin Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, with assistance on one track by Roy Thomas Baker.

It’s not clear if the Baker assisted track is also the alleged Pete Townshend favourite, "The Rose March,” which Billy performed live a few times while touring his ill-fated solo album, The Future Embrace. According to Corgan, after a show put on by Townshend’s girlfriend, Rachel Fuller, "Pete came up to me and asked me if we were putting that song on Zeitgeist. I told him we weren’t, and he told me I was crazy. That stuck with me; Pete certainly knows more than I.”

If prior non-album Pumpkins material is anything to go by, Pete might be right and American Gothic could help rope in fans turned off by the slick predictability of Zeitgeist. The iTunes release of American Gothic is available by itself, or as a bonus with the purchase of Zeitgeist, just in case you didn’t already buy one of the six versions already released.

"Bullet With Butterfly Wings” Smashing Pumpkins