Smartboys "RSVP" / "Cutting Thru Life"

Smartboys 'RSVP' / 'Cutting Thru Life'
No strangers to multiple iterations of punk music, Fucked Up members and Toronto busybodies Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco have focused their energy into the new group Smartboys. Their debut 7-inch is due out on May 28 via Deranged, but we've got both songs available to stream here now.

A-side "RSVP" is built from pummelling, straightforward drumming and plenty of welcome guitar interplay, making way for the warm, harmonic vocals. B-side "Cutting Thru Life" takes a similarly melodic hit, further demonstrating the band's penchant for timeless, melodic punk. Both songs are undeniable anthems.

 Stream them both below and pick up your copy of the 7-inch here when it becomes available.