Small Sins Mood Swings

You know the feeling that staying in on a cold rainy day just to sip hot chocolate and read a good book gives you? That’s exactly what the new record from Small Sins, Mood Swings, will do to you. Except you might want to put down the book to dance every once in a while. The band formerly known as the Ladies and Gentlemen may have created an album about longing and revenge but their knack for creating hook-powered electro pop softens even the harshest lyrics. When founder Thomas D’Arcy sings, "And you know I’d shoot you/If I only had a gun” ("On the Line”), you get the feeling that, well, maybe he’s had a rough year. But his powerful, breathy vocals, accompanied by a bass line that you can’t help but tap your foot to, take the edge off of his obvious disdain. Although I think I’ll try to stay on his good side. (BOOMPA!)