Slow Start 'Generous' (album stream)

Slow Start 'Generous' (album stream)
Vancouver musician Jonny Dylan Hughes has spread out another sparkly set of electronic sounds under the guise of Slow Start. Following his debut You, Sword EP from 2015, he's jumped into the realm of full-lengths with Generous.

The 10-song release was tracked between June and August, with Hughes explaining over Bandcamp that all of the recordings were made using Swedish music production app AUXY.

"I wanted to challenge myself with the limitations of making an album of dance music entirely on my iPhone SE," he wrote in a statement, which also sticks it to all you suckers that don't own "the most powerful 4 inch phone ever."

Further developing the self-professed "dude-bunch" sound are the enthusiastically popping "Disclosed," dial tone-exploring "Cran," and the vintage synth score-styled "Springtime 1987," the latter's title no doubt a shout out to the sick movie season that gave us Predator, Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Ishtar.

You can sample Slow Start's Generous offering down below.