Slow Hand Motëm Brosis

Slow Hand Motëm are endearing right away because they don’t seem to give a fuck about anything. The utterly unique stoner indie rock band sound dry and listless but their art-damaged music is infused with earnestly positive philosophising. Brosis is an excellent record and is worth the price of admission for "Atheletic Anesthetic” alone. One part "Low Rider,” the rest is a giddy, funky stew that’ll infest your brain. There’s a bit of hip-hop in "Artagame” and "Bully Question,” and these instances coupled with the raw, D.I.Y. production recall Beck’s mid-’90s work. Songs like "Age” are also a mix of slacker pastiche and streetwise poetry. Slow Hand Motëm represent the new Beats, a bohemian band that sound drowsy yet dangerous. (Allan King Associates Ltd.)