Sloan Gather Up Rarities on B-Sides Win

Sloan Gather Up Rarities on <i>B-Sides Win</i>
After becoming one of Canada's most beloved indie bands of the '90s, Sloan are set to fill in some gaps in the record collections of their completist fans. Today the Halifax musical icons announced the release of a partner disc to 2005's best of collection A-Sides Win.

Straightforwardly titled B-Sides Win: Extras, Bonus Tracks and B-Sides 1992-2008, the collection gathers B-Sides, rarities and bonus tracks from throughout the bands career, including a rare version of their breakthrough hit "Underwhelmed," a Russian Futurists version of "Are You Giving Me Back My Love?" and a pile of tracks that only graced comps, Japanese editions and other hard-to-find releases.

The album is available in three digital formats (MP3, Apple lossless and FLAC), and is available from Sloan's official store right here for $9.99 (Canadian, of course).

As Sloan-er Jay Ferguson mentions in the press release, there's more to come: "Now, some hardcore Sloan followers may notice a couple omissions...but fear not, you completists!... we're hopefully planning for those specific tracks to see the light of day on our digital store as part of more releases in the future."

B-Sides Win: Extras, Bonus Tracks and B-Sides 1992-2008:

1. "Underwhelmed" (Original Hear and Now Version)
2. "Amped"
3. "Sleepover"
4. "Rag Doll"
5. "Laying Blame"
6. "Pillow Fight"
7. "D is for Driver"
8. "Stood Up" (Studio Version)
9. "Same Old Flame" (Studio Version)
10. "Work Cut Out"
11. "Out to Lunch"
12. "Glad to be Here"
13. "Summer's My Season"
14. "At the Edge of the Scene"
15. "Had Enough"
16. "Helen"
17. "Pretty Together" (Demo)
18. "Are You Giving Me Back My Love?" (Russian Futurists Version)
19. "Step on it, Jean"
20. "Dirty Nails"
21. "Will You Ever Love Me Again?"
22. "I Thought That I Was Ready For You"
23. "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"
24. "Even Though"
25. "The Best Part of Your Life"
26. "Believe in Me" (Reprise)