Slo' Tom and The Horseshit Heroes Liquor's My Lover

Liquor's My Lover documents the band in its favourite setting, the Hi-Fi (formerly "The Downstairs Club" and also "Lucky Ron's") club on Rideau St. in Ottawa, where they were recorded last January by local sound engineer prodigy James Law. Like Jon Langford's Waco Brothers, Slo' Tom & the Horseshit Heroes know how to get a party going with up-tempo country remakes like "Eastbound and Down" and Willie Nelson's "Gotta Get Drunk." Most of the subject matter revolves around liquor, actually, as Tom offers up some drunken pennings of his own as well like the sad but quirky "A Bottle Made Me An Offer" and the fan favourite "Liquor's My Lover." There's highlights all over this record - be it the ironically bright-sounding "Chops Song" (a brilliantly-penned song by ex-King Kung member Rob Snasdell-Taylor), Tom's duet with Everender's Genevieve Rochon on "The One I Love (Is Not My Lover)," or Tom's take on the sacred mullet classic "Crazy Train," which is countrified here for all to love or hate. I have to admit, I've taken a liking to it, and Liquor's My Lover is solid y'alternative that could send us all to the drink. (Upright)