Slipknot Forced to Pause as Concert Goes Up in Flames

The band took a brief intermission for the fire department to extinguish the raging bonfire in the middle of the pit
Slipknot Forced to Pause as Concert Goes Up in Flames
Photo via @honeyherbaltea on Twitter
When Slipknot performed in Phoenix, AZ, last night (November 2), their set was so lit that it was actual fire: members of the crowd started a massive bonfire on the lawn of the outdoor amphitheatre, forcing the band to stop their show for around 30 minutes while the blaze was extinguished.

Oh, AZ — we don't think this is what they meant by "Child of Burning Time." Combined with the desert climate, Slipknot's Ak-Chin Pavilion performance simply became too hot to handle; burning out fast and bright.

Apparently, the fire started shortly after the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to guitarist Mick Thomson. Footage uploaded to Twitter and YouTube shows fans setting a large pile of stacked lawn chairs on fire at the front of the lawn located behind the seated sections of the amphitheatre. Others in the crowd threw more chairs and trash into the towering, mammoth-sized bonfire, then proceeded to form a circle pit around it — you know, as one does.

With flames shooting up unbelievably high like they were part of a Marvel special-effects budget well-spent, it's safe to say this act of metal-fuelled arson posed a bit of a safety hazard to those in attendance.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported from the fire. However, some fans are disappointed that a couple of songs — including "Spit It Out" — had to be cut from Slipknot's setlist during the forced intermission while the fire department put out the blaze.

The band hasn't commented on the incident, and while the venue posted a photo recap of the concert, they also didn't say anything about the fire.

See the wild footage from the fiery show below.  
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