Sleeping People Growling

Ever wonder what’d happen if Explosions in the Sky mated with Tool while listening to At the Drive-In? I think Sleeping People are your answer. It may sound like an unholy union to some, or a sublime combination to others; upon listening, it’s closer to the latter. Exercising the polyrhythmic tricks, compound time and hypnotic staccato guitar lines Tool make a living off of, Sleeping People leave more sonic space for complex guitar and key arrangements. Distortion saturation of the guitars is kept crunchy without obscuring harmonies or compromising skull-crushing power. Frantic, breakneck drumming provides a solid backbone, constantly impressing with freakish displays of dexterity and time control. Occasionally, an ambient track provides a welcome respite from the roller coaster pace before charging back into progressive manic rock-outs. Instrumental until the last track, a surprise vocal performance by Rob Crow sounds perfectly in place to cap the warped musical madness. (Temporary Residence)