Sled Island Reveals This Year's Massive Full Line-Up

Sled Island Reveals This Year's Massive Full Line-Up
After a whole month of speculation, the promoters at Sled Island have finally announced the full line-up and schedule of the third annual festival. As we previously announced, the events will take place between June 24 and 27, and include headliners like Andrew WK, Anvil, the Breeders, the Evaporators and Mount Eerie.

Last minute additions to the roster include rappers the Gift of Gab (from Blackalicious) and Biz Markie, Seattle post-hardcore vets These Arms Are Snakes, Brooklyn noise pop dup Japanther, and Canuck punk icons SNFU. It should be noted, however, that due to some miscommunication, Mika Miko posted their attendance to the festival a little prematurely, and will not be performing.

Despite making for a massive block of ugly text, here's the full line-up, in lovely alphabetical order:

40 Thieves, a relative distance, Adam Power, Adelaide, Aerosol Constellations, Agnostic Mountain Gospel, ahna, Analog Bell Service, Andrew WK, Anvil, Axis of Conversation, Azeda Booth, Backbone of Science, The, Band Name, BATTLE SNAKES, Bayonets!!!, Bebop Cortez, Before Dawn, Beija Flor, Bell Tower, Bend Sinister, Beneath These Idle Tides, Better Off Dead, Bikeland, Biz Markie, Black Death Boners, Black Dicks, Black Mold, Blind Shake, The, Blist, BLOOO BOI, Blue Violets, The, Bob Quaschnick, Boogie Monster, Book of Black Earth, Bownesians, The, BRAIDS, Brain Fever, Brasstronaut, Breeders, The, Brenda Vaqueros, The, Bronx, The, Calum Graham, Cam Penner, Cam the Wizzard, Chris Gheran & the Graveyard Gang, Christian Hansen & The Autistics!, Clea Anais, Coathangers, The, Colin Decker Free Fall, The, Colourbook, Cool dad, Cripple Creek Fairies, Crosstown Rivals, Curtis Santiago, Cut Off Your Hands, Darcys, The, Dead Science, The, Deformer, Desert Boots, Desiderata, Dieselboy, Doer and the Doddler, The, Dragon Fli Empire, E.L.E.V.E.N., Eamon McGrath, Endangered Ape, Envelopes Filled with Cash, The, Evaporators, The, Evidence, The, Ex-Boyfriends, The, Excision, extra happy ghost !!!, Famines, The, Final Fantasy, Fine Mist, Fond Of Tigers, foonyap, Fox Opera, Francis Cheer, Frantic Artillery Featuring Bijaan Lalani and Grady Welbourne, Friendo, Get Down, The, Get Through Summer, Ghostkeeper, Gift Eaters, Gift of Gab (from Blackalicious), Githead, GOBBLE GOBBLE, Good Luck Assembly, The, Grass featuring Erin Thrall and the Lily Quartet, Great Orbax Freak Show, The, Grim Beat, The, Hamas, Hank and Lily, Hazard Lights, HEALTH, heat-ray, Hobophobes, Hollerado, Holy Fuck, Homage (Dustin Lee), Hot Little Rocket, Hot Panda, Hours, The, INDIENSOCI, Instinct, Japandroids, Japanther, Jenny, Jezibelle, Jim Brown as Rank Nubah, JJ Shiplett, Jody Glenham, Joe Nice, Joel Fraser, Joel Learoyd, Jon-Rae Fletcher, Jonathan Toubin, Jupes, Les, Keser, Kilbourne, King Khan & BBQ Show, The, Kirby Criddle, Kisses of Fire, Knots, Knucklehead, Kris Ellestad, Ladyhawk, Last Plague, Lauren Mann, LAZERTAG, Liars, Library Voices, lint, Lucas Chaisson, Lucid 44, M5, Madcowboys, Main Drag, The, Malajube, Mark Sultan, Matthew Skopyk & The Future, MC Juakali, Meat Draw, Medicine People, The, Meggido, Michael Rault, miesha & the spanks, Mikey Mmmuscles (aka Mike B), Moby Dicks, Mohawk Lodge, The, Monotonix, Morgan Greenwood, Mothfight!, Mount Analogue, Mount Eerie, Mt. Royal, Myelin Sheaths, Neckbeards, The, Neckers, The, New Danger Kids, The, NEW FIGHT SCENE, No Gold, No Horses, Noah York, Novillero, Nu Sensae, O'Death, Obits, Octoberman, Oldfolks Home, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, The, Oye!, Pack A.D., The, Paperbacks, The, Passenger Action, Pete Samples, Pine Tarts, Press Gang, The, Priya Thomas, Puberty, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Racoon, Ramblin' Ambassadors, Random Task Collective, Re-Mains, The, Rebel Spell, Reuben Bullock + Ben Bullock, Ricca Razor Sharp, Rio Bent, Robin Hunter and the Six Foot Bullies, ROCKET REDUCERS, Rub, The, Ruben Young, RUDE CITY RIOT, Rural Alberta Advantage, Sabretooth, Sadlier-Brown and the Sound, Sarah Clark, Sean Nicholas Savage, Secret Brothers, Seven Story Redhead, Sex Party, SEX WITH STRANGERS, Shagbots, The, Sharar, Sharp Ends, Shearing Pinx, Sheepdogs, The, Sit Still!, Sleepyhead, Slim Pickins, Slim Twig, SNFU, SONS OF YORK, Sounds Like BS, Space Rabies, Square Waves, The, SSRIs, The, Stamina Mantis, Stolen Organ Family Band, The, Sub-linguals, Superfantastics, The, Susie Forsyth, Swank, swords, Team Building, Thank Magnets, That's the Spirit, These Arms are Snakes, Thighs, Tricky Woo, Twin Crystals, Up in Smoke, Von Zippers, The, Walk Off The Earth, Warbird, Warbrides, The, Whitey Houston, Whitsundays, The, Wicked Awesomes!, The, Women, Woodhands, Woodpigeon, X-Ray Cat, Yells, The, Yes Nice, York Redoubt, Yukon Blonde, and Zebra Pulse.

To deal with the headaches now and ensure you know where you're going, you can already start plotting your schedule here. Tickets can, and should, be acquired here.